Alison Krauss - Too Late to Cry

Alison Krauss - Too Late to Cry
Recording Location:
Cowboy Arms Hotel & Recording Spa, Nashville, TN
Too Late to Cry
Bluegrass, Contemporary Country, Progressive Bluegrass, Traditional Bluegrass
Release Date:

Alison Krauss may have recorded Too Late to Cry when she was only 14 years old, but her sound was already well developed and astonishingly accomplished. Throughout the album, she demonstrates a mastery of bluegrass, singing and playing with a distinctive grace. It's an impressive debut, but it would pale in comparison to the albums that followed.

Too Late to Cry / John PennellAlison Krauss2:51
Foolish Heart / John PennellAlison Krauss3:27
Song for Life / Rodney CrowellAlison Krauss2:54
Dusty Miller / TraditionalAlison Krauss3:40
If I Give You My Heart / John PennellAlison Krauss4:05
In Your Eyes / John PennellAlison Krauss3:15
Don't Follow Me / John PennellAlison Krauss2:44
Gentle RiverAlison Krauss4:26
On the Borderline / John PennellAlison Krauss3:40
Forgotton Pictures / Tony TrischkaAlison Krauss2:22
Sleep On / Nelson MandrellAlison Krauss2:23

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