Amos Milburn - The Best of Amos Milburn: Down the Road Apiece

Amos Milburn - The Best of Amos Milburn: Down the Road Apiece
The Best of Amos Milburn: Down the Road Apiece
Recording Date:
September 12, 1946 - July 25, 1955
Early R&B, Jump Blues, Piano Blues, Regional Blues, West Coast Blues
Release Date:
January 11, 1994

Pianist Amos Milburn mixed boogie-woogie with vocal energy and intensity to forge a style that was among early R&B's most exciting and appealing. Milburn's 1940s and '50s singles were sometimes fiery and sometimes silly, ranging from drinking songs and celebratory uptempo numbers to stomping instrumentals and an occasional blues or love tune. This excellent 26-track anthology contains such classic Milburn anthems as "Chickenshack Boogie," "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer," "Let's Have A Party," and "Bad, Bad Whiskey," as well as lesser-known but just as spirited romps. The mastering bolsters the sound, but doesn't deaden it, while Joseph Laredo's liner notes clearly and completely outline Milburn's musical and cultural/historical significance.

Down the Road a Piece / Don RayeAmos Milburn2:57
Hold Me Baby / Lola Anne Cullum / Amos MilburnAmos Milburn2:47
Chicken Shack Boogie / Lola Anne Cullum / Amos MilburnAmos Milburn2:48
It Took a Long, Long Time / Jesse CryorAmos Milburn2:36
Empty Arms Blues / John ErbyAmos Milburn2:55
Bewildered / Teddy Powell / Leonard WhitcupAmos Milburn2:56
In the Middle of the Night / Jessie Mae RobinsonAmos Milburn2:39
Roomin' House Boogie / Jessie Mae RobinsonAmos Milburn2:44
Walking Blues / Amos MilburnAmos Milburn2:57
Real Pretty Mama BluesAmos Milburn2:18
Sax Shack Boogie / Amos MilburnAmos Milburn2:49
Let's Rock a While / Frank Haywood / Monroe TuckerAmos Milburn2:39
Bad Bad Whiskey / Thomas Maxwell DavisAmos Milburn2:56
Tears, Tears, Tears (Tears in My Eyes) / Jessie Mae RobinsonAmos Milburn2:44
Thinking and DrinkingAmos Milburn2:24
Put Something in My Hand (I Know You Love Me, Baby) / Amos MilburnAmos Milburn3:00
Roll, Mr. Jelly / Florence CadrezAmos Milburn2:40
Let Me Go Home, Whiskey / Henri ShiftsAmos Milburn2:47
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer / Rudy ToombsAmos Milburn2:54
Let's Have a Party / Eddie MesnerAmos Milburn2:33
Good, Good Whiskey / Adelia DavisAmos Milburn2:59
Milk and Water / Rudy ToombsAmos Milburn3:08
Vicious, Vicious Vodka / J. SmithAmos Milburn2:57
I Done Done It (Don't Do It) / Chuck Calhoun / Amos Milburn / Rudy ToombsAmos Milburn2:32
House Party (Tonite)Amos Milburn2:26
Soft Pillow / J. TaylorAmos Milburn2:16

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