Atlantic Starr - We're Movin' Up

Atlantic Starr - We're Movin' Up
Recording Location:
Minot Sound Studios, White Plains, NY
We're Movin' Up
Adult Contemporary, Quiet Storm, Soul, Urban
Release Date:

Prototype classy love ballads, dance-pop, urban contemporary production/arrangements, and one or two above-average leads. Atlantic Starr has shuttled personnel often but never tampered much with its basic formula. The group does it well, and there's little here that's disturbing, poorly performed, or routinely performed.

Porscha Martin made a good replacement for Barbara Weathers, who was a good replacement for Sharon Bryant, and, well, you get the idea.

Under Your Spell / David Lewis / Wayne LewisAtlantic Starr4:29
Bring It Back Home Again / Jonathan LewisAtlantic Starr4:11
I'm in Love With You / David Lewis / Wayne LewisAtlantic Starr4:27
Don't Start the Fire / Rich Aronson / David Oliver / Joseph PhillipsAtlantic Starr3:58
Love Ain't Fair / David Lewis / Wayne LewisAtlantic Starr5:02
My First Love / David Lewis / Wayne LewisAtlantic Starr5:07
Woman's Touch / Richard Feldman / Little Jimmy ScottAtlantic Starr3:59
Friends / David Lewis / Wayne LewisAtlantic Starr4:11
We're Movin' Up / David Lewis / Wayne LewisAtlantic Starr4:05
My Sugar / Danny HowardAtlantic Starr3:50
I Can't Wait / David Lewis / Wayne LewisAtlantic Starr4:00
You Deserve the Best / Lewis Anderson / J.D. MartinAtlantic Starr3:37

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