Azymuth - Tightrope Walker

Azymuth - Tightrope Walker
Recording Location:
Estúdios Rancho, Higienópolis, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
Tightrope Walker
Recording Date:
April, 1986 & May, 1986
Brazilian Jazz, Jazz-Funk, World Fusion, Smooth Jazz
Release Date:

By the mid-'80s, "fusion" had long been a dirty word in jazz circles, with the once-interesting melding of jazz and rock marred by far too many lukewarm, noodly, and pop-oriented albums by artists who had forgotten the initial questing spirit of the music. Happily, there was also the Brazilian trio Azymuth, whose records were undeniably slick and full of synthesizers and electronic drums. The key, however, is that the electronics never overpower the percussion, electric bass, and piano that are at the root of the trio's sound. There are a few weak moments (the hip-hop-influenced "Folklore" sounds terribly dated, like a cheap knockoff of Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"), but when Azymuth is exploring the softer side of Brazilian jazz, it's unbeatable. Reflective without being overly mellow, tunes like the playful, Bill Evans-like "Pygmalion" and the tender ballad "Tu Me Delirio" are mainstream jazz that doesn't insult the intelligence. CTI Records fans will particularly appreciate the relaxed grooves of the final two tracks, "Samba da Barra" and "Brazil."

Tu Mi Delirio / César Portillo De La LuzAzymuth4:21
Broken Key / José Roberto BertramiAzymuth5:51
If You'd Like to Know (Se Queres Saber) / Peter PanAzymuth6:45
Folklore / Ivan Conti / Bob MouldAzymuth3:27
Pygmalion / Marcos ValleAzymuth5:19
Tightrope Walker / Ivan ContiAzymuth4:18
The Other Side of the Coin (O Outro Lado da Moeda) / Alex MalheirosAzymuth4:19
Samba da Barra / José Roberto BertramiAzymuth5:09
Brazil / José Roberto BertramiAzymuth4:44

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