Big Rig - Expansive Heart

Big Rig - Expansive Heart
Recording Location:
Art of Ears
Expansive Heart
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Punk, Punk Revival, Punk/New Wave
Release Date:
July 14, 1994

It would be hard for Big Wig to not be pigeonholed as "Jessie Michael's from Operation Ivy's new band!" considering that his voiced hadn't changed after the release of "Energy." But one thing "Expansive Heart" has going for it is a serious lack of ska-punk -which is so like, 1994.

But what Big Rig lack in generic, watered down third wave ska, they make up for with sheer energy and originally. So this isn't quite as heavy to be classified as hardcore, nor is it light hearted enough to be thought of as pop-punk -rather it's somewhere in between. One thing for certain is that there's a lot of gang shouts, a vivid mental image of a circle pit at said basement show and not a slow song to be found.

Expansive HeartBig Rig2:14
Will AloneBig Rig2:02
New FistBig Rig2:20
PersistanceBig Rig2:28

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