Cajun All-Stars - Chez Les Cajun

Cajun All-Stars - Chez Les Cajun
Recording Location:
Dockside Studios
Chez Les Cajun
Recording Date:
April 5, 1999 - April 11, 1999
Cajun, North American Traditions
Release Date:
July 13, 1999

The appropriately-named Cajun All-Stars feature Michael Doucet, Cindy Cashdollar, and Sonny Landreth, who lead the group through a collection of Cajun standards and originals on Chez Les Cajuns. Recorded at the legendary Dockside Studios, the album consists of lively two-steps, reels, and waltzes flavored with fiddles, accordion, slide guitar, and other Cajun spices.

Mon Petit Canon / TraditionalCajun All-Stars3:34
Newz Reel / Michael DoucetCajun All-Stars3:08
Blue Cajun / Michael Doucet / Errol VerretCajun All-Stars2:32
Mama Rosin / TraditionalCajun All-Stars4:24
Valse de Grand Bois / TraditionalCajun All-Stars2:37
Cajun Two-Step / TraditionalCajun All-Stars3:32
Grand Texas / TraditionalCajun All-Stars2:24
Ma Jolie Blonde / TraditionalCajun All-Stars2:39
Allons À Lafayette / TraditionalCajun All-Stars2:28
Cousin Lilly / TraditionalCajun All-Stars4:06
Mamou Two-Step / TraditionalCajun All-Stars3:00
Les Veuves / TraditionalCajun All-Stars3:41
Mamou Jam / TraditionalCajun All-Stars2:35
Basile Two-Step / TraditionalCajun All-Stars1:51
McGee's Reel / TraditionalCajun All-Stars2:17
Chez Seychelles / TraditionalCajun All-Stars4:03

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