Cass Elliot - Cass Elliot

Cass Elliot - Cass Elliot
Recording Location:
RCA's Music Center Of The World, Hollywood, CA
Cass Elliot
AM Pop
Release Date:

Cass Elliot's departure from ABC Dunhill Records and their bubblegum marketing of her was probably the greatest career move that this awesome vocalist ever made. RCA obviously had better things in mind for her, treating her with the same sort of care that they bestowed on Harry Nilsson. The company let this pair of world-class vocalists choose their own material and brought them together with great musicians and arrangers. The end result was possibly Elliot's finest solo album. She was certainly more comfortable with the material. One of the best performances is Judee Sill's "Jesus Was a Crossmaker," which is vaguely reminiscent of Laura Nyro's fine work of the period. Elliot's version of Randy Newman's "I'll Be Home" is also a standout.

Elliot's sister, Leah Kunkel emerges as a sensitive songwriter on this record, and Elliot's reading of "When It Doesn't Work Out" is absolutely graceful. Arranger/conductor Benny Golson's work perfectly frames one of the voices of a generation.

I'll Be Home / Randy NewmanCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass3:39
Baby I'm Yours / Van McCoyCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass2:33
Jesus Was a Cross Maker / Judee SillCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass3:06
That Song / Bill DeanCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass2:12
When It Doesn't Work Out / Leah KunkelCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass4:28
I'll Be There / Bobby DarinCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass2:25
Disney Girls / Bruce JohnstonCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass4:08
I Think It's Going to Rain Today / Randy NewmanCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass2:43
Cherries Jubilee / Marilyn MessinaCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass4:36
All in the GameCass Elliot feat: Mama Cass3:14

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