Commissioned - The Essential Commissioned

Commissioned - The Essential Commissioned
The Essential Commissioned
CCM, Contemporary Christian, Contemporary Gospel, Urban, Gospel
Release Date:
August 19, 2008

A two-disc, 29-track track anthology that spans the group's entire career, THE ESSENTIAL COMMISSIONED is the best starting point for new fans. This black gospel vocal group, whose take on contemporary gospel is heavily influenced by modern R&B elements, is a contemporary analogue to the likes of previous pop-gospel crossover acts like the Soul Children and the Staple Stingers. Highlights include the sweet ballad "Everlasting Love" and the nine-minute multi-part epic, "Ordinary Just Won't Do."

You've Got a Friend / Michael BrooksCommissioned2:32
I'm Going On / Michael BrooksCommissioned4:18
Until My Change Comes / Montrell DarrettCommissioned4:42
Testify / Mitchell JonesCommissioned4:25
Irreplaceable LoveCommissioned4:10
I Can't Live Without U / Eric Dawkins / Fred HammondCommissioned4:34
When Love Calls You Home / Fred Hammond / Ty Lacy / Bryan LenoxCommissioned4:33
Lay Your Troubles Down / Maxx Frank / Fred Hammond / Mark LuckeyCommissioned6:13
Find Myself in You / Ty Lacy / Bryan LenoxCommissioned4:13
Giving My Problems to You / Michael BrooksCommissioned5:13
The City / Michael BrooksCommissioned2:26
Cry On / Mitchell Jones / Parkes StewartCommissioned1:27
Love Isn't Love / Michael BrooksCommissioned2:12
Ordinary Just Won't Do / Mitchell Jones / Parkes StewartCommissioned8:45
Will You Be Ready? / Michael BrooksCommissioned3:41

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