Cris Williamson / Tret Fure - Postcards from Paradise

Cris Williamson / Tret Fure - Postcards from Paradise
Recording Location:
Wolf Moon Studios
Postcards from Paradise
Release Date:
April 26, 1994

Singer/songwriter Tret Fure first worked with Cris Williamson as an engineer on Williamson's children's album, Lumière (1982), after which the two became domestic partners and contributed to each other's albums, with Fure helping add a more produced, harder-rocking sound to Williamson's LPs Prairie Fire and Wolf Moon. With Postcards from Paradise, the two abandoned their solo careers to form a permanent duo act. The album, which contains five songs written by Williamson, four by Fure, and two co-compositions, leans more to Williamson's typical sound than Fure's. It's folk-rock, with many of the arrangements piano-based and containing hints of country and Native American styles here and there. (Fure on her own is more of a rocker.) "Little World Spinning Blue," with its pledge to be "forever, together," is an appropriate curtain raiser, introducing a series of story-songs, sometimes based on plays, "true" stories, or events in the songwriters' lives. "Living On" depicts a single father, while "Something Blue" is a sad reflection on homophobia; both draw their inspiration from plays. "The Stones from Helen's Field" chronicles the life story of the founder of a sauna in Minnesota; "Garden Ring" refers to Williamson and Fure's trip to Moscow; and "My Father's Hands" is Fure's tribute to her father. Williamson's elaborate, album-closing title song is "a dream of how things might have changed if Columbus had jumped ship on the island of Guanahani, chosen the Arawak people as his own, and burned all existing maps to the New World." Two of Williamson's songs, "If I Live" and "In the Best Interest of the Children" (originally written for lesbian mothers and now the name of her pediatric AIDS charity), date from her 1978 album Live Dream. Whatever the subject matter, the two singers complement each other well on this varied collection, which nevertheless lacks the individual stamps of their solo work.

Little World Spinning Blue / Tret Fure / Cris WilliamsonTret Fure / Cris Williamson3:23
Living On / Tret Fure / Cris WilliamsonTret Fure / Cris Williamson4:47
The Stones from Helen's Field / Cris WilliamsonTret Fure / Cris Williamson6:02
Something Blue / Larry Byrom / Virgil Evans / Tret FureTret Fure / Cris Williamson3:47
Garden Ring / Tret FureTret Fure / Cris Williamson5:01
Get Up / Tret FureTret Fure / Cris Williamson4:25
Dreamboat (Rivers of Heaven) / Cris WilliamsonTret Fure / Cris Williamson4:59
My Father's Hands / Tret FureTret Fure / Cris Williamson4:55
If I Live / Si Kahn / Cris WilliamsonTret Fure / Cris Williamson2:57
In the Best Interest of the Children / Cris WilliamsonTret Fure / Cris Williamson1:57
Postcard from Paradise / Cris WilliamsonTret Fure / Cris Williamson5:42

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