Denis Charles - Queen Mary

Denis Charles - Queen Mary
Recording Location:
Sound On Sound Recording Studio, New York, NY
Queen Mary
Recording Date:
April 26, 1989 & April 27, 1989
Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz
Release Date:

Dennis Charles, best known for being Cecil Taylor's first significant drummer, had a rare opportunity to lead his own session in 1989. Utilizing tenor saxophonist Booker T. (who at times recalls both Sonny Rollins in the 1960s and a mild version of Albert Ayler), bassist Wilber Morris, and Huss Charles on congas, Charles performs six of his originals and Morris' "Afro-Amer.

Ind" (which by itself is nearly 28 and a half minutes long). Unfortunately the music overall is not that significant. Booker T. often delights in making particularly silly song quotes (including a few Christmas songs) and none of the originals are at all memorable. Wilber Morris plays quite well and Dennis Charles is subtle, but very little happens of any interest, making this a bit of a disappointment.

Triangle / Dennis CharlesDenis Charles0:27
Sweet Melanie / Dennis CharlesDenis Charles15:55
Stand Back / Dennis CharlesDenis Charles5:39
Queen Mary / Dennis CharlesDenis Charles9:49
Bass Space / Dennis CharlesDenis Charles4:25
Rise Up / Dennis CharlesDenis Charles9:50
Afro-Amer.Ind / Wilber MorrisDenis Charles28:40

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