Dustin Cavazos - In and Out of Sleep

Dustin Cavazos - In and Out of Sleep
Recording Location:
Valley Of The Kings Studios, Dallas, TX
In and Out of Sleep
Like Waking Up From the Longest Dream / Dustin Cavazos / Keith GreenDustin Cavazos2:21
Us Against Them / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos3:03
I'm Feeling It / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos3:56
Three Hours of Sleep / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos3:33
Hold it Down for Me / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos3:34
I Can Disappear / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos3:05
Daydream and Make Believe / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos3:48
25 Lighters / Dustin Cavazos / Abel ZamoraDustin Cavazos3:41
Alright / Dustin Cavazos / Dionte RembertDustin Cavazos3:22
A Song That You've Never Sung / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos3:19
Live for Something Die for Something / Dustin Cavazos / Abel ZamoraDustin Cavazos3:36
I'm Giving You Everything / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos3:50
You Said That You Loved Me / Dustin Cavazos / Jonathan CervantesDustin Cavazos3:04
Ups and Downs / Dustin CavazosDustin Cavazos5:24

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