Eat Skull - Sick to Death

Eat Skull - Sick to Death
Sick to Death
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Noise-Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock
Release Date:
June 24, 2008

Featuring two veterans of San Francisco's The Hospitals, Eat Skull brings a scuzz-punk pedigree to their debut full-length on Siltbreeze, SICK TO DEATH. With an anything-and-everything-goes aesthetic, SICK TO DEATH's tracks careen from one type of lo-fi garage clatter to the next, with guitar shards, pumping organ riffs, and hollered choruses poking through the tape-distorted din. "Puker Corpse," one of the album's stand-outs, features all of the above, plus a hilarious evil laugh track that reveals a Cramps-like sense of the absurd.

Beach BrainsEat Skull2:00
Alarms!Eat Skull1:48
Dog ReligionEat Skull1:30
Cartoon BeginningEat Skull1:24
Waiting For the Hesitation...Eat Skull3:05
Puker CorpseEat Skull1:51
Ghost ListEat Skull1:47
Survivable SpacesEat Skull2:11
I Licked the SpiderEat Skull1:57
Shredders On FryEat Skull2:12
Stress CrazyEat Skull1:28
Punk TripsEat Skull2:31
Fade To SmokeEat Skull2:02
New ConfinementEat Skull1:38

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