Ed Schuller - Snake Dancing

Ed Schuller - Snake Dancing
Recording Location:
Live At Loft, Cologne, Germany
Snake Dancing
Recording Date:
December 1, 1996 - December 2, 1996
Release Date:

Ed Schuller is a talented bassist, and he is surrounded here by a group of familiar faces. Which leads to the obvious question: why isn't this a stronger album than it is? Featuring all Schuller originals, and boasting generous solos from trombonist Gary Valente, saxophonist Mark Goldsbury, guitarist Bill Bickford, and Schuller himself, the group never quite gels, although there is some fine playing throughout. The silly rap vocals on the lengthy title piece are counter-balanced by the funky, danceable numbers that faithfully combine solid jazz performances with accessible rhythm. Valente boasts a full-throated, raunchy sound that fills the hall, and drummer Ronnie Burrage sports plenty of power, while Goldsbury holds his own.

Nonetheless, this is a prime example of the sum not quite equaling the parts. While Schuller and Valente aficionados will doubtless find something to savor, others will find this a mixed bag.

Just Say Yes / Ed SchullerEd Schuller7:12
Zoology / Ed SchullerEd Schuller7:46
Qualify Your Funk / Ed SchullerEd Schuller4:23
Wave Forms No. 1 / Ed SchullerEd Schuller4:51
Wave Forms No. 2 / Ed SchullerEd Schuller11:19
Koch's Curve / Ed SchullerEd Schuller5:48
Is There a Beauty in the Beast / Ed SchullerEd Schuller6:19
Clave for Collin / Ed SchullerEd Schuller9:24
Life Circle / Ed SchullerEd Schuller8:53
Snake Dancing / Ed SchullerEd Schuller8:35

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