Erasure - Love to Hate You

Erasure - Love to Hate You
Recording Location:
Chateau du Pape, Hamburg, Germany; Polygone Studios, Toulouse, France; Studio 150, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Toulouse, France
Love to Hate You
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Dance-Pop, Alternative Dance, Club/Dance, Punk/New Wave, Synth Pop
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The most gloriously trashy and campy moment from Chorus, "Love to Hate You" -- bizarrely enough, originally written but never used for Warren Beatty's film version of Dick Tracy -- arguably almost says it with just its title. The rest of the track does the business very well, though, with a fake audience chant adding effective ambience, Clarke coming up with a winning, building melody (especially the step-by-step charge of the chorus), and Bell shooting off the one-liners just so. Thus: "The lovers that you sent for me/didn't come with any satisfaction guaranteed." Besides its familiar album version, on the EP release two further mixes crop up. Bruce Forest's retake makes the most of a great beginning, a bit of light piano jazz calmness sliding into the smooth rhythms added to the main song. Paul Dakeyne's mix, meanwhile, also joyfully subverts the initial take with calypso horns and percussion added to the straightforward house groove of his new rhythms -- the use of the brass on the stirring chorus works especially well. Both remixes are among the best ever done for the band, keeping just enough of the original while avoiding simply extending it by a minute or two. Dakeyne also does a mix for a new track, "Vitamin C," which also appears in its original form -- the latter is a pleasant but unremarkable instrumental techno outing, while Dakeyne's version adds more energy and a great, crunching main synth line. "La La La" completes the disc; as with many original Erasure B-sides, it's fair if not deathless, though the slightly dark feel of the song, combined with Bell's subtly desperate vocal, adds a certain something.

Love to Hate You / Andy Bell / Vince ClarkeErasure3:57
Love to Hate You / Andy Bell / Vince ClarkeErasure5:51
Vitamin C / Andy Bell / Vince ClarkeErasure3:34
La la La / Andy Bell / Vince ClarkeErasure4:10

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