Farnborough Abbey Monks - Gregorian Chant

Farnborough Abbey Monks - Gregorian Chant
Gregorian Chant
Rorate caeli desuper, introit in mode 4 for the 4th Sunday in AdventFarnborough Abbey Monks6:11
Conditor alme siderum, hymn, mode 4Farnborough Abbey Monks2:22
Dominus dixit, introit for the Christmas midnight MassFarnborough Abbey Monks1:38
Attende DomineFarnborough Abbey Monks4:03
Christus factus est, gradual in mode 5 (Liber Usualis, No 655)Farnborough Abbey Monks2:19
Tantum ergo sacramentum, hymn in mode 3Farnborough Abbey Monks1:28
Victimae paschali laudes, sequence in mode 1 for Easter (1. T/GR 198, Liber Usualis No. 780)Farnborough Abbey Monks1:44
Alleluia. Veni Sancte Spiritus, alleluia in mode 2Farnborough Abbey Monks2:36
Veni Sancti Spiritus, sequence in mode 1 for Pentecost SundayFarnborough Abbey Monks2:32
Gaudeamus omnes in Domino, introit for All Saints Day, Mode1Farnborough Abbey Monks1:20
Bene fundata est, antiphonFarnborough Abbey Monks2:15
Laetatus sum, gradual in mode 7 (Liber Usualis No. 560, GR 139)Farnborough Abbey Monks2:04
Ave Maris stella, hymn for the Assumption of Mary in mode 1 (Liber Cantualis No. 73)Farnborough Abbey Monks3:42
Salve Regina, antiphon in mode 1Farnborough Abbey Monks2:05
Requiem aeternam, introit in mode 6 (Liber Usualis 1807a)Farnborough Abbey Monks2:03
In paradisum, antiphon in mode 7Farnborough Abbey Monks0:45
Asperges Me, antiphon in mode 7 (GR 707)Farnborough Abbey Monks1:49
Christus vincit (Les acclamations Carolingiennes)Farnborough Abbey Monks3:05

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