Freedom Call - Crystal Empire

Freedom Call - Crystal Empire
Recording Location:
C.C.C Studio Brauningshof; FC Studio Nurmberg; Hansen Studio Hamburg; Karo Studio Brackel
Crystal Empire
Recording Date:
December, 1999 - September, 2000
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Release Date:
February 13, 2001

Make no mistake; the members of Freedom Call are no slouches in the musical talent department. However, their particular choice of style for their artistic expression is a form of prog metal that is way too overblown and over the top in its fantasy and symphonic aspirations. The group gives us some segments of songs that really shine, but the overall result teeters between blatant pompousness and unintended silliness.

The King of the Crystal Empire / Chris BayFreedom Call0:32
Freedom Call / Eric Bazilian / Rick Chertoff / David Forman / Rob HymanFreedom Call4:05
Rise Up / Chris BayFreedom Call4:06
Farewell / Chris BayFreedom Call4:43
Pharao / Chris BayFreedom Call4:15
Call of Fame / Chris BayFreedom Call4:36
Heart of the Rainbow / Chris BayFreedom Call7:35
The Quest / Chris BayFreedom Call5:10
Ocean / Chris BayFreedom Call5:33
Palace of Fantasy / Chris BayFreedom Call4:48
The Wanderer / Chris BayFreedom Call3:46

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