Glenn Jones - The Wanting

Glenn Jones - The Wanting
Recording Location:
Allston, MA
The Wanting
Recording Date:
December 12, 2010 - April 20, 2011
Finger-Picked Guitar, Folk Jazz, New Acoustic, Neo-Classical
Release Date:
September 13, 2011

Glenn Jones' fourth solo album further underscores the position he has achieved over the years when it comes to both appreciation of and expansion in the field of acoustic guitar composition; perhaps more than ever before, there's a real sense of his own unique style on The Wanting, however inevitably grounded in the many forebears he always carefully acknowledges in his music and work. Part of it lies in his quiet, creative delicacy, emphasizing space and dexterity in equal amount; raggedness has never been his calling card, and the opening "A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland, 1957" beautifully hones in on feelings of contemplation and distance in considered fashion. The languid "Anchor Chain Blues" has a sweet, almost languid feel from the first note, a gentle liquidity that intensifies just a touch as it goes along but without losing the original sense of its genteel flow. Jones' more recent interest in banjo work also continues, starting with the sprightly "The Great Swamp Way Rout" -- not a fast-paced number as such but with a lilt and lope equitable to the guitar performances here while understandably possessing its own sonic character.

The brief, playful "Menotomy River Blues" is another banjo number, a lovely contrast to the following number "Of Its Own Kind" and its slow, expressive opening. Yet more in contrast is the John Fahey-title referencing "The Orca Grande Cement Factory at Victorville," a collaboration with drummer Chris Corsano that concludes the album with an enjoyable, wide-ranging, quarter-hour plus exploration of sonic possibilities. Even a couple of songs that feel a little more like formal exercises are never less than enjoyable, as the slide blues "Even to Win Is to Fall" shows. If Jones' performances and compositions over the years have touched on themes of yearning and the past, with a soft echo into the present day, then it stand all the more to reason why the album title and the cover art -- a guitar-playing cat, looking at the moon -- should sum up the feeling of The Wanting so well.

A Snapshot of Mom, Scotland, 1957 / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones8:04
The Great Pacific Northwest / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones4:58
The Great Swamp Way Rout / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones2:52
Anchor Chain Blues (2) / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones5:23
Even to Win Is to Fail (2) / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones4:29
My Charlotte Blue Notebook / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones5:19
Menotomy River Blues / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones1:30
Of Its Own Kind / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones7:27
The Wanting / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones4:26
Twenty-Three Years in Happy Valley, or Love Among the Chickenshit / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones2:07
The Orca Grande Cement Factory at Victorville / Glenn JonesGlenn Jones17:47

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