Greys - If Anything

Greys - If Anything
Recording Location:
Candle Recording
If Anything
Recording Date:
November 6, 2013 - November 17, 2013
Indie Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Release Date:
June 17, 2014

After three solidly built EPs, Canadian post-punk quartet Greys deliver their blistering full-length debut If Anything. With a lead track named after Fugazi and Rites of Spring leader Guy Picciotto, it's apparent where this band's allegiances lie, but amid the post-hardcore aggression are elements of noise rock, classic punk, and even grunge. A self-described "loud rock band from Toronto," Greys indeed have plenty of volume and heaps of attitude as they bash their way through tough grooves ("Use Your Delusion"), frenetic bursts ("Adderall"), and wry punk romps ("Chick Singer"). With a sound developed over the course of three years through heavy touring and multiple smaller indie releases, they offer both the tight rapport of a veteran band and the freewheeling slack that makes them seem fresh. As severe, wild, and dissonant as they can often be, Greys somehow manage not to take themselves so seriously, making If Anything an inviting debut full of character and some ferocious playing.

Guy Picciotto / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys1:30
Use Your Delusion / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys2:26
Flip Yr Lid / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys2:55
Adderall / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys2:45
Pretty Grim / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys3:42
Chick Singer / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys1:55
Girl in Landscape / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys3:24
Brain Dead / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys2:43
Cold Soak / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys4:46
Brief Lives / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys2:27
Lull / Greys / Shehzaad JiwaniGreys5:46

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