Hamiet Bluiett - With Eyes Wide Open

Hamiet Bluiett - With Eyes Wide Open
Recording Location:
Avatar Studios, New York, NY
With Eyes Wide Open
Recording Date:
November 22, 1999
Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Post-Bop, Saxophone Jazz
Release Date:
August 29, 2000

The esteemed baritone saxophonist and distinguished member of the World Saxophone Quartet previously known as Hamiet Bluiett has apparently dropped his first name, which is indicated on the title and credits of this 2000 solo release. Yet whatever the circumstances, Bluiett's quartet serves up a tasty brew consisting of soulful ballads, calypso rhythms, and hardcore swing on this affable effort featuring guitarist Ed Cherry, bassist Jaribu Shahid, and drummer Nasheet Waits. Essentially, Bluiett balances a steely edged attack with fluid swinging lines and an altogether impressive faculty for enhancing the proceedings with his seemingly impossible ability to hit those high notes, which is uncommon or perhaps unattainable for most baritone saxophonists.

The musicians afford themselves ample room to stretch whether pursuing tuneful melodies or engaging in heated, modern jazz-style interplay as Bluiett and Cherry often make for a formidable twosome while also displaying an intuitive approach via shrewd dialogue augmented by a keen sense of the dynamic. Overall, Bluiett and company raise the roof on occasion thanks in part to their employment of powerful unison choruses atop burgeoning rhythms as "With Eyes Wide Open" signifies a hearty group effort to coincide with a well-balanced track mix and passionate soloing.

Africa/Island Song / Hamiet BluiettHamiet Bluiett5:34
Sing Me a Song Everlasting / Don PullenHamiet Bluiett7:49
Monk & Wes / Hamiet BluiettHamiet Bluiett4:50
Enum / Hamiet BluiettHamiet Bluiett8:43
Song for Camille / Hamiet BluiettHamiet Bluiett9:45
1529 Gunn Street / Don PullenHamiet Bluiett3:48
Mystery Tune / Hamiet BluiettHamiet Bluiett6:33
Deb / Hamiet BluiettHamiet Bluiett7:53
(With Eyes) Wide Open / Hamiet BluiettHamiet Bluiett3:03

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