Hank Thompson - Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys (1946-1964)

Hank Thompson - Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys (1946-1964)
Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys (1946-1964)
Recording Date:
August, 1946 - 1964
Bakersfield Sound, Honky Tonk, Traditional Country, Western Swing
Release Date:

It's 12 CDs, 321 tracks, and lists for over $300, but for those with the budget or the discipline to save up for it, this box set is it -- not only every record that Hank Thompson cut for Capitol between 1947 and 1964, but also his ultra-rare, never-before-reissued sides for Globe and Blue Bonnet from 1946 and 1947. Disc One opens with those early jewels -- there's not a less-than-first-rate recording on this 30-song CD, and the playing, while a little crude compared to Thompson's later work, is a match for anything being recorded at the time.

Disc Three begins Thompson's history as an album artist, and the character and quality of the material changes somewhat -- there are a few more slow numbers, and some slight sameness begins to intrude into the music, but the quality of the performances is undiminished.

Disc Four has the major part of his second album along with a ton of singles, and the latter are generally more brisk and upbeat than the LP material. Disc Five includes the first extensive re-records of Thompson's older stuff, and also includes Thompson's brief foray into rock & roll, as well as lots of Western swing standards. Disc Seven opens real hot, with the stuff off of Songs for Rounders, and a bunch of instrumentals that round out the 1958 material, then jumps ahead a year to his next session. Discs Nine and Ten jump ahead a bit to Thompson's last studio work for Capitol, released through 1965. Discs Eleven and Twelve are devoted to Thompson's live albums from the early 1960s. And to top it off, this set comes with an oversized hardcover book, featuring not only a biography and sessionography, but recollections by Thompson about every recording session.

Swing Wide Your Gate of Love / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:32
Whoa, Sailor / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:49
California Women / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:52
What Are We Gonna Do About the Moonlight / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:42
A Lonely Heart Knows / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:48
Starry Eyed Texas Gal / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:35
Humpty Dumpty Heart / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:26
Today / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson3:01
Don't Flirt With Me / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:32
Rock in the Ocean / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:29
My Heart Is a Jigsaw Puzzle / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:51
Yesterday's Mail / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson0:33
Yesterday's Mail / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:48
I Find You Cheatin' on Me / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:40
Second Hand Gal / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:53
You Broke My Heart (In Little Bitty Pieces) / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson1:01
You Broke My Heart (In Little Bitty Pieces) / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:38
Mary Had a Little Lamb (His Love Was Pure as Snow)Hank Thompson2:38
You Rememered Me / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:34
California Women / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:38
The Green Light / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:34
What Are We Gonna Do About the Moonlight / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:28
All That Goes Up Must Come Down / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:30
Standing on the Outside Looking in Now / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:21
Tomorrow Night / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:40
My Front Door Is Open / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:28
Soft Lips / Walt McCoyHank Thompson2:48
Swing Wide Your Gate of Love / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:23
Whoa, Sailor / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:22
The Grass Looks Greener over Yonder / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:18
She's a Girl Without Any Sweetheart / Hank ThompsonHank Thompson2:33

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