JLIAT - Hilbert's Hotel

JLIAT - Hilbert's Hotel
Hilbert's Hotel
Conceptual Art
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Basically, Hilbert's Hotel is a 73-minute pipe organ chord. But of course this kind of music is meant to be listened to more closely. The album is subtitled "70 minutes of electronic drone," which indicates the organ heard here is actually a synthesizer. Breaking down the soundscape, one hears three registers of harmonics: a relentless bass note, middle-range, and high-end notes. The middle and high notes vary a little over time, but what is mostly interesting here is since you hear the same chord for so long, at one point you lose sight of the obvious and start hearing the grain of the sound, the slowly oscillating waves of harmonics, the relations between stability and instability in such a drone. After 70 minutes, the chord starts fading slowly; it will take three minutes to reach total absence of sound. Hilbert's Hotel seems to be aiming at a Zen quality of some kind, annihilating the macrostructure in order to reveal the inner life of sound. Still, it remains a 73-minute chord: either it will help you meditate or it will drive you insane.

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