Ju-Ju - Breakbeat Science: Exercise 2

Ju-Ju - Breakbeat Science: Exercise 2
Breakbeat Science: Exercise 2
Release Date:
October 7, 2003

When drum'n'bass albums fail -- and they often do -- it's usually either by sounding too much like smooth jazz with polite little skittering beats, or by being too harsh and abrasive. Neil Zarama (a.

k.a. Juju) splits the difference nicely between those two pitfalls, offering a mix-CD that keeps things texturally interesting and rhythmically sturdy, without either pushing the listener away, or lulling him to sleep. Part of Juju's secret is the artful inclusion of musical elements from around the world -- notably from Brazil, as demonstrated most impressively on Drumagick's "Sambarock." Jamaica is also represented (on DJ Dara and A-Sides' fine "Unholy Grail," which slides from frantic NYC drum'n'bass into reggae-fied junglism about halfway through the track). Juju's own "Space Vato" is pretty good, but wears out its welcome before the end of its five-minute length; Abstract and Calibre's "Control," though, is presented in an exquisitely clean and complex jungle mix that works beautifully. Highly recommended overall.

SambarockJu-Ju feat: Drumagick3:33
Come to FunkyJu-Ju feat: Mikrob3:54
Control / CalibreJu-Ju feat: Abstract / Calibre4:58
Left of CentreJu-Ju feat: Mathematics4:58
EverythingJu-Ju feat: A-Sides4:47
Space Vato / Ju-JuJu-Ju4:58
StaticJu-Ju feat: Digital4:52
Unholy GrailJu-Ju feat: A-Sides / Dara4:15
Liars / Telefunken BluesJu-Ju feat: Telefunken Blues5:40
Salty DubJu-Ju feat: Red Army3:21
Nosher / Total ScienceJu-Ju feat: Total Science4:25
Soulshine / Ju-JuJu-Ju feat: DJ Craze4:24
Bizzy Time / Zero ToleranceJu-Ju feat: Beta 2 / Zero Tolerance4:05
MurdaJu-Ju feat: Craz3:32
The BeatsJu-Ju feat: Invaderz3:53
Out of TimeJu-Ju feat: Echo6:14

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