La Kumpania Zelwer - Daissa

La Kumpania Zelwer - Daissa
Recording Location:
Cercle Bernard Lazare, Paris, France; Cite De La Musique, Paris, France; Studio De Repetition, Paris, France; Studio Du Guichet, Orsay
Recording Date:
May, 1998 - February, 2003
Release Date:
October 14, 2003

It's a shame that la Kumpania Zelwer's Daissa doesn't seem to know exactly where it wants to go. A shame because there's some remarkable musicianship here, and plenty of wonderful ideas, but all too often they end up simply circling without any real direction. Strongly influenced by klezmer and gypsy music, there's a mad mix of music, ranging from the traditional "Birobijan," a song in Yiddish (praising Stalin!), to "Kiddush-Ha-Shem," much more minimalist and precise. If there's a soundtrack feel to this, it's understandable, since some of the pieces do come from films, although you imagine they must be very Fellini-esque ventures, given the sense of the surreal that invades something like "Terra Incognita," which starts off normally then veers into the unknown. With multi-instrumentalist touches (especially leader Zelwer), they can cover a lot of ground (Zelwer himself ranges as far as the Indian santur, which he plays adeptly on "Le Roi des Schnorrers"), and perhaps that's the problem; they try to do too much, and cram in too many ideas. With more focus on the music, and a little less on bizarre atmosphere, this could have been an outstanding disc. It's still good, but you have to mine deep for the good parts.

Birobidjan / TraditionalLa Kumpania Zelwer5:38
Daïssa / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer4:29
Lekhayim! (A la Vie) / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer3:18
Opazdyvaïa Na Messu / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer2:23
En Retard Pour la Messe / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer3:39
Trotz Alledem (Malgré Tout) / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer8:20
C'est Pas Tous Les Jours Shabbat / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer3:41
Balagan / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer2:42
Le Roi des Schnorrers / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer3:50
Shir Hashirim / Traditional / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer4:59
Terra Incognita / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer5:26
Polvere (Poussière)La Kumpania Zelwer4:05
Kiddush-Ha-Shem / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer7:01
Trois P'tits Tours et Puis Savon / Jean-Marc ZelwerLa Kumpania Zelwer3:27

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