Leone Buyse - Dedicated to Barrère, Vol. 2

Leone Buyse - Dedicated to Barrère, Vol. 2
Dedicated to Barrère, Vol. 2
Chamber Music
Sonatine quasi Fantasia, for flute & piano
Allegretto, très allantLeone Buyse4:48
Andante quasi adagio (Hommage à Schumann)Leone Buyse6:05
Sogno futuristico, for flute, Op. 34Leone Buyse6:48
La Nymphe Bocagère (The Wood Nymph), for flute & pianoLeone Buyse9:06
Nocturne for flute & harp (after BWV 853 by J.S. Bach)Leone Buyse3:43
Suite for solo flute, Op. 8
ModeratoLeone Buyse1:33
VivaceLeone Buyse1:35
Molto con sentimentoLeone Buyse2:02
Allegro ironicoLeone Buyse2:01
Poem, for flute & piano (arrangement by Georges Barrère), A. 93aLeone Buyse9:17
Forgotten Modes, for flute, Op. 29
Idyll (Dorian Chromatic)Leone Buyse1:16
Hymn to Pallas Athene (Mixolydian)Leone Buyse1:05
Paean (Phyrgian Chromatic)Leone Buyse1:06
Threnody (Oriental Chromatic)Leone Buyse2:00
Dithyramb (Phyrgian, Hypo Iastian)Leone Buyse1:09
Suite for flute & piano
Invocation (Danse de prêtresses)Leone Buyse3:26
Monochromes (2), for flute
Rather slow and languorously, but not draggedLeone Buyse2:26
FastLeone Buyse0:59
Andante and scherzo, for flute & piano, Op. 51Leone Buyse4:28
Density 21.5, for flute soloLeone Buyse3:55

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