Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - L.A.G.Q.

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - L.A.G.Q.
Classical Crossover
Release Date:
September 8, 1998

The members of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet may surprise you. Sure, they're four classically-trained guitarists who have known each other since college. And yes, they do play music from the standard guitar repertoire. However, what is extraordinary about them is that they are also composers, arrangers, and innovators. This is apparent as soon as the first notes of the opening track are heard.

How refreshing it is to have a disc that is so engaging, diverse, educational, and just plain fun.For the African-inspired "mbira," the guitar-guys put staples on strings to imitate the sound of the African thumb piano. "A furiosa" has them tapping their guitars and rubbing their fingers up and down the strings to create percussive effects associated with the Brazilian rhythms of the piece.Some other departures from the norm: a suite of three Klezmer dances, featuring a guest stint by a Russian-born Klezmer scholar playing wild clarinet solos, and a phenomenal arrangement of Chick Correa's "Spain." This disc makes it easy for the listener to completely enjoy and appreciate; it is also easy to hear the joy the LAGQ most certainly feel when they are playing together.

Mbira, for guitar quartet, (1st movement of "African Suite") / William Kanengiser / Andrew YorkLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Djembe, for guitar quartet, (2nd movement of "African Suite")Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
A Furiosa, for 4 guitars / Paulo BellinatiLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Gongan, for 4 guitars / William KanengiserLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Mysterious Habitats, for guitar / Dusan BogdanovicLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Introduction / TraditionalLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Terkis (Der Yid in Yerushalayim)Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
Freilachs (Medley)Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
Dredlocked / Andrew YorkLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
La fiesta de la tiranaLos Angeles Guitar QuartetAmazon
TarantellaLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Kojo No Tsuki (Moon over Ruined Castle), for koto / Rentaro TakiLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Passage, for guitar quartet / Andrew YorkLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Muir Woods, for guitar / Andrew YorkLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Spain, for voice & ensemble / Chick Corea / JoaquĆ­n RodrigoLos Angeles Guitar Quartet
Farewell to Stromness, piano interlude from "The Yellow Cake Revue," J. 166 / Peter Maxwell DaviesLos Angeles Guitar Quartet

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