Major Accident - Massacred Melodies/A Clockwork Legion

Major Accident - Massacred Melodies/A Clockwork Legion
Massacred Melodies/A Clockwork Legion
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Release Date:
May 9, 2000

In 2000, Captain Oi! released Massacred Melodies/A Clockwork Legion, which contained two albums -- Massacred Melodies (1982, originally released on Step Forward) and A Clockwork Legion (1984, originally released on Flicknife) -- by Major Accident on one compact disc.

Schizophrenic / Major AccidentMajor Accident3:38
(Standing on The) SidelinesMajor Accident2:01
Last NightMajor Accident1:56
PsychoMajor Accident4:27
PeopleMajor Accident3:39
Terrorist Gang / Major AccidentMajor Accident1:55
Warboots / Major AccidentMajor Accident1:41
Mr. Nobody / Major AccidentMajor Accident3:09
Self Appointed Hero / Major AccidentMajor Accident2:16
That's You / Major AccidentMajor Accident1:59
Brides of the Beast / Major AccidentMajor Accident5:11
Classified InformationMajor Accident2:42
Middle Class EntertainmentMajor Accident2:09
Clockwork Toys / Major AccidentMajor Accident1:43
Respectable / Major AccidentMajor Accident4:01
Twisted Mind / Major AccidentMajor Accident3:37
AfflictionMajor Accident7:25
Cue the Dead / Major AccidentMajor Accident3:02
Leaders of TomorrowMajor Accident3:21
A Clockwork Legion: Intro/The MarchMajor Accident6:04
Sorry (We Can't Help You)Major Accident3:41
Fight to WinMajor Accident2:42
VendettaMajor Accident4:57

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