Matt Tiegler - Gods and Heros

Matt Tiegler - Gods and Heros
Recording Location:
Uber Studio
Gods and Heros
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Release Date:

Whether listeners' interests are in folk, Celtic, rock, alternative rock, or country, they are sure to find at least one song that attracts them to Matt Tiegler's Gods and Heroes Some interesting effects open up "Lines & Circles" with a sound similar to an airplane taking off. When the tune kicks in, it's rather mellow and laid back. The tune has a very pop sound with a pinch of psychedelia tossed in for color. "Star Cycle" opens with some great acoustic guitar fingerpicking.

The song is in the shadow of the Celtic genre; the melody has that certain calming air about it. "Who I Am" starts off on a heavier note, thanks in part to the electric guitar lead licks. The vocals have a dark sound that helps add a bit of variation. The chorus harmonies are a nice touch using a layered effect. "Oval Orbit" is a song that is strong in structure, but it leans toward a generic sound that has been done before. Some will find the attraction there in the familiarity, others will shun the song because of it. The best part of "Wallowing" is the lead guitar work. The syncopated lyrics and vocals are just color for the guitar work. The riffs used by the guitar are almost anthem-esque in nature, turning the song into a very memorable piece. "Laughing With Buddah" is one of the better coffeehouse folk-esque tunes on the album.Matt Tiegler has put together an awesome album with the aid of many musicians. The songwriting skills are strong, and the structure of the songs are formidable and well thought out. The multiple use of so many different instruments in itself would make one curious of the end product. There are a variety of musical genres and styles that are incorporated into the compilation, keeping the listener entertained on different levels.

If that was Matt Tiegler's intent, then one would safely say that he has done a fantastic job and should feel elated. If that was not his intent, that is certainly how the album comes across.

Lines & Circle / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler3:10
Ritual Shame / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler2:42
Star Cycle / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler3:02
The Lost Art / Ralph Covert / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler3:17
Who I Am / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler3:44
Overflow / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler3:24
Oval Orbot / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler2:40
Wallowing / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler2:24
Laughing With Buddha / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler3:32
The Wrong Way / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler2:22
The Forgotten Man / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler3:21
Steady Tow / Matt TieglerMatt Tiegler4:15

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