Mike Cooper - Paper and Smoke

Mike Cooper - Paper and Smoke
Paper and Smoke
Release Date:
September 3, 2002

Released in 2000, this double CD collects remastered tracks that were issued originally on compilations on Pye and Dawn, some rare EPs, and 7" releases, making a total of 30 cuts from this diverse British guitarist, whose music encompassed folk, blues, traditional, jazz, country, and avant-garde. His remarkable late-'60s and early-'70s LPs Oh Really?, Trout Steel, Do I Know You?, and Places I Know are among the most overlooked British blues and folk recordings of the era, and along with this compilation of rarities are well worth the time of fans of Bert Jansch, Pentangle, Davy Graham, Wizz Jones, and the like.

Paper and SmokeMike Cooper4:00
Night JourneyMike Cooper5:12
Think She Knows Me NowMike Cooper4:26
Good TimesMike Cooper3:29
Trout SteelMike Cooper2:23
Your Lovely Ways, Pts. 1-2 / Mike CooperMike Cooper7:16
Three Forty EightMike Cooper3:53
The Ballad of Fulton AllenMike Cooper3:49
Death Letter / Son HouseMike Cooper3:16
Start of a JourneyMike Cooper3:28
Sitting Here WatchingMike Cooper3:12
Weeping RoseMike Cooper3:23
So Glad (That I Found) YouMike Cooper15:22
Do I Know YouMike Cooper4:03

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