Moura Lympany - Moura Lympany plays Rachmaninov & Khachaturian

Moura Lympany - Moura Lympany plays Rachmaninov & Khachaturian
Moura Lympany plays Rachmaninov & Khachaturian
Keyboard, Concerto

This isn't your Aunt Victoria's Rachmaninov. Oh my, no.

As recorded by the late Moura Lympany in the early '50s, this is full-bodied, hot-blooded Rachmaninov, Rachmaninov so hot that it'll burn the grill off your speakers and singe the hair on your forearm. Moura Lympany, an English pianist with more energy and enthusiasm than reserve and restraint, tears into Rachmaninov's Preludes with the kind of bravura technique more commonly associated with postwar American pianists than with pre-war English pianists. But Lympany has a technique to rival her American contemporaries and a temperament that few of her fellow Brits could match. While some listeners might prefer a more brooding approach to Rachmaninov the melancholic, Lympany's unashamed aplomb and reckless panache makes a compelling case for Rachmaninov the virtuoso. In her recording of Rachmaninov's Third Piano Concerto with Anthony Collins conducting the New Symphony Orchestra of London, Lympany does not slight the sensuality of the work's central Intermezzo, but she pours on the gas to set the closing Alle breve on fire.

In her recording of Khachaturian's Piano Concerto with Anatole Fistoulari conducting the London Philharmonic, Lympany -- who gave the work its English premiere -- plays the work with such infectious gusto that even the work's long stretches of banality, bathos, and bombast sound convincing. Robert Culshaw's superb production for Decca, if somewhat dated, remains warm and honest and real. Lovers of that rare semi-musical instrument the Flexitone will have to be sure to hear its soulful solo in the slow movement of the Khachaturian Concerto.

Prelude for piano No.1 in C sharp minor ("The Bells of Moscow"), Op. 3/2Moura Lympany4:19
Preludes (10) for piano, Op. 23
No. 1 in F sharp minorMoura Lympany3:26
No. 2 in B flat majorMoura Lympany3:42
No. 3 in D minorMoura Lympany3:29
No. 4 in D majorMoura Lympany4:51
No. 5 in G minorMoura Lympany3:57
No. 6 in E flat majorMoura Lympany3:03
No. 7 in C minorMoura Lympany2:27
No. 8 in A flat majorMoura Lympany2:52
No. 9 in E flat minorMoura Lympany1:48
No. 10 in G flat majorMoura Lympany3:26
Preludes (13) for piano, Op. 32
No. 1 in C majorMoura Lympany1:06
No. 2 in B flat minorMoura Lympany3:52
No. 3 in E majorMoura Lympany2:28
No. 4 in E minorMoura Lympany4:57
No. 5 in G majorMoura Lympany2:57
No. 6 in F minorMoura Lympany1:19
No. 7 in F majorMoura Lympany2:19
No. 8 in A minorMoura Lympany1:41
No. 9 in A majorMoura Lympany3:16
No. 10 in B minorMoura Lympany4:58
No. 11 in B majorMoura Lympany2:24
No. 12 in G sharp minorMoura Lympany2:19
No. 13 in D flat majorMoura Lympany4:32

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