Nia Peeples - Nothin' But Trouble

Nia Peeples - Nothin' But Trouble
Nothin' But Trouble
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Nia Peeples did a creditable job as an actress on the Fame television show, and later hosted a couple of short-lived music programs, including one produced by Arsenio Hall's company. But she never demonstrated on any project that she was a good singer, and her faults were glaring on this late-'80s work. Operating on the premise that they could make Peeples a second-level Paula Abdul, the producers gave her the same type of dance-pop bubblegum fodder, but didn't make it as hook-laden or catchy as Abdul's songs. The results were predictable.

Trouble / Steve HarveyNia Peeples6:28
High Time / Steve Harvey / Jean-Paul "Bluey" MaunickNia Peeples4:28
Star-Crossed Lovers / Steve Harvey / Dianne QuanderNia Peeples5:47
Be My Lover / Glen Ballard / Clif MagnessNia Peeples4:23
Is This Really Love? / Seward Mont Freeman / Howard HewettNia Peeples4:28
Never Gonna Get It / Monte MoirNia Peeples4:19
This Time I'll Be Sweeter / Patrick Grant / Gwen GuthrieNia Peeples4:14
Poetry in Motion / C. SavageNia Peeples3:50
I Know How (To Make You Love Me) / Jeff Paris / Nia PeeplesNia Peeples6:57
For the Sake of Loving / Steve Diamond / Sue SheridanNia Peeples5:22
Trouble / Steve HarveyNia Peeples7:21
I Know How (To Make You Love Me) / Jeff Paris / Nia PeeplesNia Peeples6:42

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