Pandelis Karayorgis - Heart and Sack

Pandelis Karayorgis - Heart and Sack
Heart and Sack
Recording Date:
April 24, 1998 - April 25, 1998
Avant-Garde Jazz, Post-Bop
Release Date:

John Corbett's liner notes to this album cite Misha Mengelberg, Paul Bley, and Lennie Tristano as possible influences on pianist Pandelis Karayorgis' playing. Thelonious Monk might be another. Yet, Karayorgis is an original voice, one who meshes tonal clusters with an uncannily angular and subtle style.

Here, with drummer Randy Peterson and bassist Nate McBride, the pianist makes every note count, with an unpretentious, deliberately paced mix of attractive originals, plus some not-so-well-known pieces by Eric Dolphy, Duke Ellington, and Ken McIntyre. Karayorgis' lines follow their own logic, and sound almost as though he is performing with his elbows, which of course he isn't. Peterson and McBride are both very effective partners, sharing the leader's penchant for quirky, carefully constructed nuance. As a trio, they may not be trailblazing entirely new territory, but the journey is filled with tastefully delicious twists and turns.

Lautir / Ken McIntyrePandelis Karayorgis6:02
What Did I Just Say? / Pandelis KarayorgisPandelis Karayorgis7:08
Miss Ann / Eric DolphyPandelis Karayorgis2:47
How Daisies Jiggle / Pandelis KarayorgisPandelis Karayorgis5:23
Straight Blues / Pandelis KarayorgisPandelis Karayorgis6:01
Frustration / Duke EllingtonPandelis Karayorgis2:52
I Heard Things / Pandelis KarayorgisPandelis Karayorgis6:15
Half Tilt / Nate McBridePandelis Karayorgis5:33
Corpus Delicti / Pandelis KarayorgisPandelis Karayorgis4:41
Heart and Sack / Pandelis KarayorgisPandelis Karayorgis4:04

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