Peter Pears - Benjamin Britten: Peter Grimes

Peter Pears - Benjamin Britten: Peter Grimes
Benjamin Britten: Peter Grimes
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Peter Grimes, opera, Op. 33
Prologue: Peter Grimes!Peter Pears1:29
Prologue: You sailed your boat round the coastPeter Pears3:04
Prologue: Peter Grimes, I here advise you!Peter Pears2:09
Prologue: The truth...the pity...and the truthPeter Pears1:54
Interlude 1Peter Pears2:56
Act 1. Scene 1.: Oh! hang at open doors the net, the cork,Peter Pears5:35
Act 1. Scene 1.: Hi! Give us a hand!Peter Pears3:19
Act 1. Scene 1.: I have to go from pub to pubPeter Pears1:57
Act 1. Scene 1.: Let her among you without fault cast the first stonePeter Pears3:09
Act 1. Scene 1.: Look, the storm cone!Peter Pears2:40
Act 1. Scene 1.: And do you prefer the stormPeter Pears4:56
Act 1. Scene 1.: What harbour shelters peacePeter Pears1:12
Interlude 2Peter Pears4:07
Act 1. Scene 2.: Past time to close!Peter Pears4:19
Act 1. Scene 2.: We live and let livePeter Pears2:00
Act 1. Scene 2.: Have you heard? The cliff is downPeter Pears1:23
Act 1. Scene 2.: Now the Great Bear and PleiadesPeter Pears3:40
Act 1. Scene 2.: Old Joe has gone fishingPeter Pears2:26
Act 1. Scene 2.: The bridge is down, we half swam overPeter Pears1:36

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