Randy Newman - Parenthood

Randy Newman - Parenthood
Original Score, Singer/Songwriter, Soundtracks
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At its best, Randy Newman's Parenthood score is soothing, unassumingly melodic, and even witty (on "Kevin's Party," for example, he manages to arrange the strings with comic timing). At its worst, though, the music is lightweight, sentimental, a bit too suitable for airplay in elevators. The orchestrations at times have all the emotional resonance of an electronic keyboard. Newman's Oscar-nominated original song, "I Love to See You Smile," sounds rather like all of Newman's other Oscar-nominated songs: it's an agreeably tuneful, playful piano number featuring the author's own eccentric, barely on-key warble. Fans of the song are doubly rewarded for buying the soundtrack: the song appears twice, in identical versions, at the beginning and end of the album.

I Love to See You Smile (Intro) / Randy NewmanRandy Newman3:24
Kevin's Graduation / Randy NewmanRandy Newman2:37
Helen And Julie / Randy NewmanRandy Newman0:55
Kevin's Party (Cowboy Gil) / Randy NewmanRandy Newman3:22
Gary's in Trouble / Randy NewmanRandy Newman2:50
Father and Son / Randy NewmanRandy Newman2:30
Drag Race/Todd and Julie / Randy NewmanRandy Newman2:30
Kevin Comes Through / Randy NewmanRandy Newman1:32
Karen and Gil/Montage / Randy NewmanRandy Newman4:51
I Love to See You Smile [End Title] / Randy NewmanRandy Newman3:39

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