Robert Craft - Igor Stravinsky: Petrushka; The Nightingale

Robert Craft - Igor Stravinsky: Petrushka; The Nightingale
Igor Stravinsky: Petrushka; The Nightingale
Ballet, Opera
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Petrushka, ballet (burlesque) in 4 scenes for orchestra (1911 version)
First Tableau: The Shrove-Tide FairRobert Craft5:08
First Tableau: The Charlatan (Flute solo)Robert Craft1:48
First Tableau: Russian DanceRobert Craft2:41
Second Tableau: In Petrushka's Cell. ImpetuosoRobert Craft4:23
Third Tableau: The BlackamoorRobert Craft2:26
Third Tableau: The Ballerina (Trumpet solo)Robert Craft0:44
Third Tableau: Valse: Ballerina and Blackamoor. Lento cantabileRobert Craft3:12
Fourth Tableau: The Shrove-Tide FairRobert Craft1:09
Fourth Tableau: The Dance of the Wet-NursesRobert Craft2:33
Fourth Tableau: Peasant with Bear (Tuba solo)Robert Craft1:23
Fourth Tableau: Gypsies and a Rake VendorRobert Craft1:09
Fourth Tableau: Dance of the CoachmenRobert Craft2:02
Fourth Tableau: MasqueradersRobert Craft1:34
Fourth Tableau: The Scuffle: Blackamoor and PetrushkaRobert Craft0:51
Fourth Tableau: Death of PetrushkaRobert Craft0:43
Fourth Tableau: Police and the JugglerRobert Craft1:12
Fourth Tableau: Vociferation of Petrushka's GhostRobert Craft1:00
Le Rossignol, opera (lyric tale) in 3 acts
Act 1. IntroductionRobert Craft2:54
Act 1. FishermanRobert Craft3:32
Act 1. Nightingale's AriaRobert Craft3:00
Act 1. Chamberlain, Bonze, Cook, CourtiersRobert Craft2:49
Act 1. Second Entrance of the NightingaleRobert Craft0:47
Act 1. Chaberlain and BonzeRobert Craft0:24
Act 1. Nightingale's Second AriaRobert Craft0:44
Act 1. Chamberlain and BonzeRobert Craft0:52
Act 1. FishermanRobert Craft1:29
Act 2. Prelude: Chorus and OrchestraRobert Craft1:23
Act 2. CookRobert Craft0:19
Act 2. Reprise of the PreludeRobert Craft0:22
Act 2. Chinese MarchRobert Craft3:10
Act 2. ChamberlainRobert Craft0:13
Act 2. Song of the NightingaleRobert Craft4:11
Act 2. The Janaese EnvoysRobert Craft1:18
Act 2. The Mechanical NightingaleRobert Craft0:58
Act 2. The Emperor, Chamberlain, CourtiersRobert Craft0:59
Act 2. Reprise of the Chinese MarchRobert Craft0:49
Act 2. FishermanRobert Craft0:59
Act 3. PreludeRobert Craft2:42
Act 3. Chorus of Ghosts, EmperorRobert Craft1:07
Act 3. NightingaleRobert Craft2:11
Act 3. Death and the NightingaleRobert Craft1:28
Act 3. The Nightingale's AriaRobert Craft1:27
Act 3. Emperor and NightingaleRobert Craft1:38
Act 3. Funeral ProcessionRobert Craft1:14
Act 3. FishermanRobert Craft1:04

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