Roger Rodier - Upon Velveatur

Roger Rodier - Upon Velveatur
Recording Location:
Andre Perry Studios, Montreal, Canada
Upon Velveatur
Recording Date:
February, 1972
Acid Folk
Release Date:
April 4, 2006

Although Roger Rodier is Canadian, this rare early-'70s singer/songwriter album sounds almost as if it could have been made in Britain, such is its similarity to folk-rock recordings of the time by the likes of Al Stewart. In fact Rodier faintly resembles Stewart vocally, and has an inclination toward gentle, slightly sad songs mixing acoustic guitar, orchestration, and female backup vocals (a combination used by Nick Drake on Bryter Layter). But his voice, as a singer or composer, isn't nearly as distinctive as that of, say, Stewart or Drake. Upon Velveatur is a passable effort in this tributary, Rodier's mildly lisping singing evoking both delicate sensitivity and a certain sense of detached observation. He and his songs are a little troubled, but not distraught, with the exception of "While My Castle's Burning," whose angrily strummed guitars, dramatic strings, and vitriolic vocals project muted rage, albeit of a fairly inarticulate kind. Its mixture of placidity and brooding reflection might casually recall Drake, but Rodier wasn't working on as high a level. [The 2006 CD reissue on Sunbeam adds five bonus tracks, four taken from 1969 singles, the other from the 1972 non-LP B-side "Easy Song." Generally speaking, these are less ornate than the material on Upon Velveatur, though they have a similar light folk-rock base; "Have You?" sounds a little like George Harrison's folkiest early solo material, and the two songs from the first 45, "L'Herbe"/"Tu Viendras," are sung in French.]

Listen to These Chords I Play (Celeste) / Roger RodierRoger Rodier3:11
My Spirit's Calling / Roger RodierRoger Rodier5:05
Am I Supposed to Let It by Again? (Above the Covers) / Roger RodierRoger Rodier4:07
The Key / Roger RodierRoger Rodier4:01
While My Castle's Burning / Roger RodierRoger Rodier4:19
You Don't Know What It's Like / Roger RodierRoger Rodier4:11
Just Fine / Roger RodierRoger Rodier3:59
Let's See Some Happyness / Roger RodierRoger Rodier4:55
Easy Song / Roger RodierRoger Rodier3:31
L' Herbe / Roger RodierRoger Rodier2:40
Tu Viendras / Roger RodierRoger Rodier3:06
Have You? / Roger RodierRoger Rodier3:13
Overseer / Roger RodierRoger Rodier2:46

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