Teddy Morgan - Lost Love & Highways

Teddy Morgan - Lost Love & Highways
Recording Location:
Pachyderm Studio, Cannon Falls, MN
Lost Love & Highways
Recording Date:
March 1, 1999 - March 9, 1999
Modern Electric Blues
Release Date:
November 2, 1999

This third album by roots rocker Teddy Morgan may not break a single square inch of new ground, musically or lyrically, but you won't care much about that once it starts to play. Backed mostly just by his own guitar plus bassist Jon Penner and drummer Chris Hunter, Morgan combines the twang of the Tennessee Three with the rock sensibility of Buddy Holly and a host of blues influences. The result is largely terrific, with the strongest tracks--rockers like "Bullet from a Gun," "Nothing to Go Back To," and the title cut--sounding as infectious as anything from Tom Petty and as earthy as anything from Steve Earle. But the ballads shine too, with the tender vocal on "One More Night" in particular revealing that there's more than one side to this artist.

Bullet from a Gun / Teddy MorganTeddy Morgan3:58
Lost Love and Highways / Chris Hunter / Teddy MorganTeddy Morgan4:11
I Ain't Waitin' No More / Teddy MorganTeddy Morgan4:19
Nothing to Go Back To / Teddy MorganTeddy Morgan3:49
Run Down Shacks / Chris Hunter / Teddy MorganTeddy Morgan3:31
One More Night / Teddy MorganTeddy Morgan4:13
'59 Cadillac / Chris Hunter / Teddy Morgan / Bo RamseyTeddy Morgan4:38
A Word About a Woman / Leslie Johnson / J. WestTeddy Morgan4:21
Wish You Were Mine / Teddy Morgan / Bo RamseyTeddy Morgan3:11
Should Be Gone / Teddy MorganTeddy Morgan3:41
Walk Away Cryin' / Teddy MorganTeddy Morgan3:47

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