Terry Callier - Live at Mother Blues: 1964

Terry Callier - Live at Mother Blues: 1964
Live at Mother Blues: 1964
Recording Date:
June, 1964
Folk Jazz, Soul, Singer/Songwriter
Release Date:
February 15, 2000

Recorded in front of a hometown Chicago crowd and predating the sessions for his debut studio LP The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier by about a month, Live at Mother Blues: 1964 captures Callier's folk-jazz hybrid in its embryonic stages, documenting the genesis of his signature aesthetic in its most intimate and natural setting. Accompanied by a pair of bassists (John Tweedle and Turbough Attenborough) in imitation of John Coltrane, Callier subverts traditional material like "Drill Ye Tarriers," "The Gambler Song," and "Lizzy Mae," sticking close to the original melodies but expanding the songs in structure and scope by favoring extended instrumental passages and vocal improvisations; the opener, a cover of the Nat Adderley/Oscar Brown, Jr. composition "Work Song," comes closest to capturing a true marriage of folk and jazz in its spare, slow-burning intensity. Even this early in his development, Callier is in full command of his skills -- his soulful vocals simmer with gospel-like passion, and his guitar work is hypnotic and intricate, navigating the dual bass backdrops with serpentine dexterity.

Work Song / Nat Adderley / Nat Adderley, Jr. / Oscar Brown, Jr.Terry Callier6:05
Drill, Ye Tarriers / Ronnie Gilbert / Lee Hays / Fred Hellerman / Pete Seeger / TraditionalTerry Callier5:04
The Gambler Song / TraditionalTerry Callier6:15
Lizzy Mae / TraditionalTerry Callier5:25
Johnny Be Gay If You Can Be / TraditionalTerry Callier6:00
Be My Woman / TraditionalTerry Callier6:39
It Will Not Be Long Love, 'Til Our Wedding Day / TraditionalTerry Callier5:48
It's About Time / Terry Callier / Kent ForemanTerry Callier4:40

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