The Deathray Davies - The Day of the Ray

The Deathray Davies - The Day of the Ray
The Day of the Ray
Recording Date:
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
Release Date:
February 22, 2002

The Deathray Davies' The Day of the Ray screams "we are the mods!" with a groove reminiscent of the Kinks as well as recent Jam revivalists like the Insomniacs. This isn't garage rock like the Mooney Suzuki, it is unabashed garage pop, and the Davies have finally been able to reproduce their live sound in the studio with a full band. "I'm From the Future" packs all their fuzzed-out intensity, catchy hooks, and grinding, Kinks-y keyboards into one song. Tracks like "Don't Point at the Stoners" and the simple "Her First Party" -- which never takes off as much as you'd expect -- seem weak by comparison to the surrounding material, but they are more than made up for by the dreamy, handclaps-and-all sound of "She Can Play Me Like a Drum Machine" and the psychedelic rumble of "The Medication's Gone." The Day of the Ray is an album that could have been called "radio-friendly" back when it meant something.

Is This On?The Deathray Davies2:08
I'm from the FutureThe Deathray Davies3:10
Don't Point at the StonersThe Deathray Davies1:13
Persuasive Is Your NameThe Deathray Davies2:09
She Can Play Me Like a Drum MachineThe Deathray Davies3:02
The Aztec GodThe Deathray Davies2:23
Her First PartyThe Deathray Davies2:41
The Medication's GoneThe Deathray Davies4:14
SpinecrackerThe Deathray Davies1:18
Starting to StopThe Deathray Davies2:45
Pulling Teeth / Billie Joe Armstrong / Tre Cool / Mike PritchardThe Deathray Davies2:36
They Stuck Me in a Box in the Ground Pt. 4The Deathray Davies2:59
It's Hard to Run Uphill on StiltsThe Deathray Davies6:35

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