The Fairfield Four - I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray

The Fairfield Four - I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
Recording Location:
Minnesota Public Radio, St. Paul, MN; The Loft, Nashville, TN
I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
Recording Date:
July, 1995 - February, 1997
Black Gospel, Southern Gospel, Traditional Gospel, Gospel
Release Date:
September 9, 1997

Around the time of this album's release, the Fairfield Four reached a new peak in mainstream visibility, complete with an appearance backing Elvis Costello on The David Letterman Show. An Elvis Costello-led cut ("That Day Is Done") appears here, and there are odd guest appearances by country singer Pam Tillis and Prairie Home Companion narrator Garrison Keillor. But the focus is usually on the singers, who perform a cappella on most of the cuts. They sing full-bodied vocal arrangements with dignified conviction; the low parts are especially vibrant.

Noah / Public DomainThe Fairfield Four2:43
These Bones / Public DomainThe Fairfield Four3:49
Come on in the House / TraditionalThe Fairfield Four2:24
There Must Be a City / J. HillThe Fairfield Four3:03
Get Away Jordan / Public DomainThe Fairfield Four3:57
I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray / Public DomainThe Fairfield Four4:55
That Day Is Done / Declan MacManus / Paul McCartneyThe Fairfield Four5:09
Help for the Needy (Today) / J. HillThe Fairfield Four2:05
Shadrack / Robert MacGimseyThe Fairfield Four2:44
Four and Twenty Elders / Public DomainThe Fairfield Four4:56
Amazing Grace/The Prodigal Son / John NewtonThe Fairfield Four6:00

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