The Gladiators - Full Time

The Gladiators - Full Time
Full Time
Rocksteady, Ska, Roots Reggae
Release Date:
April 16, 1995

The Mighty Diamonds and Culture may be more famous, but when it comes to reggae harmony groups, the Gladiators can give the best of them a run for their money. Figure in the fact that lead singer Albert Griffiths is also a fine songwriter and that all three singers play instruments as well (unusual for a harmony group in this genre), and all of a sudden you start wondering why the Gladiators haven't gotten all the press. Not that they've been ignored -- their two Groovemaster LPs (Trenchtown Mix Up and Proverbial Reggae, both later picked up by Virgin and reissued together on one CD in the early '90s) are generally regarded as classics. In the early '80s they recorded several albums for the American Nighthawk label, and Full Time is a collection of tracks left over from those album sessions, filled out with a generous handful of dub versions. These don't really sound like outtakes -- "Boy in Long Pants," "Run Them," and "Reggae Jamboree" all rank with the best of the group's previous work, and Griffiths is in fine voice. The production, by Griffiths, Leroy Pierson, and Nighthawk label head Bob Schoenfeld, is excellent.

Bongo Red/Red Version / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators6:44
Ship Without a Captain / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators3:32
Run Them / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators2:50
Fussing and Fighting/Fussing Version / Bob MarleyThe Gladiators6:11
You Little Rat / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators3:13
I'm Not Crying / Clinton FearonThe Gladiators3:16
Rocking Vibration / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators3:30
Vibration Version / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators3:22
Reggae Jambouree / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators3:41
Boy in Long Pants / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators3:10
Full Time / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators3:42
One Love / Albert GriffithsThe Gladiators3:11

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