The Mel Cooleys - Live? in Seattle

The Mel Cooleys - Live? in Seattle
Recording Location:
The Backstage, Seattle, WA; Triad Studios, Redman, WA
Live? in Seattle
Recording Date:
Release Date:
December 7, 1993
Welcome to the New World / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys4:03
Needle in the Haystack / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys4:02
Doug Engaged / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys3:53
Creatures of Habit / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys4:08
Little Skipper / Andrew Ratshin / Lisa TheoThe Mel Cooleys4:32
Comfort Me / Steve Cropper / Eddie Floyd / Alvertis Isbell / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys3:52
This Is the Way / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys4:32
Two Men / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys3:36
Leave Me / Wolfgang Dziony / Lothar Heimberg / Klaus Meine / Andrew Ratshin / Michael Schenker / Rudolf SchenkerThe Mel Cooleys3:24
Doug's First Date / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys4:03
Square Deal / Andrew RatshinThe Mel Cooleys3:30
Lulaby / Johannes Brahms / Simon Gallup / Roger O'Donnell / Andrew Ratshin / Robert Smith / Porl Thompson / Laurence Tolhurst / Boris WilliamsThe Mel Cooleys3:03

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