The W's - Trouble with X

The W's - Trouble with X
Trouble with X
Alternative/Indie Rock, Retro Swing, Rockabilly Revival, Ska-Punk, Third Wave Ska Revival, Gospel
Release Date:
October 19, 1999

Most specifically Christian-oriented bands employ the tactic of adopting a popular style and simply shifting the lyrical focus to religion; while this does allow Christian youth the opportunity to enjoy favorite musical styles with lyrics that better reflect their beliefs and worldview, it also leaves many of the bands open to charges of concentrating on their message to the detriment of their music. With a very few exceptions -- King's X in the hard rock arena, to name one -- most Christian bands are content to simply ape popular styles in the service of their beliefs, rather than pushing the music itself forward on any front. With a combination swing/rockabilly style, the W's fall into that common category of popular music produced specifically for their subculture.

And that subculture will definitely enjoy Trouble with X, the group's second album, which comes on the heels of two Dove Awards and a tour with alternative CCM stars dc Talk. The music is derivative of the retro-swing fad, although it's not bad, and a lot of fun if you're one of the initiated. To outsiders, it may seem at times like an odd marriage of reverence for God with forced attempts at irreverent wackiness (although songs like "Satan Is a Car Salesman" may hold a certain dadaist camp appeal). But those are the outsiders, and in cases like this, where the audience is very specifically delineated, it matters a lot more if the record delivers the goods to that particular audience -- and Trouble with X does that.

Rather Be Dead / The W'sThe W's2:12
Saturday / The W'sThe W's2:27
Bully Go Home / The W'sThe W's3:12
Take Me Home, Country Roads / Bill Danoff / John Denver / Taffy NivertThe W's3:46
Hit 'Em Where It Hurts / The W'sThe W's2:30
Play the Game / The W'sThe W's2:48
Stupid / Dennis CulpThe W's2:53
Tip from Me / The W'sThe W's3:16
Where Should I Go / The W'sThe W's2:49
Used Car Salesmen / The W'sThe W's2:22
Nothing / The W'sThe W's3:15
101 / The W'sThe W's2:42
Chump / The W'sThe W's2:43
Two More Weeks to Go / The W'sThe W's2:50
The Rumor Weed Song / Kurt Heinecke / Phil VischerThe W's8:13

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