Waylon Jennings - This Time

Waylon Jennings - This Time
This Time
Outlaw Country, Progressive Country, Traditional Country, Honky Tonk
Release Date:
April, 1974

This Time appeared just as outlaw hit its stride, thanks in large part to the excellent Honky Tonk Heroes. If this record isn't its equal, it's still pretty wonderful all the same. Part of the record's flaw is its heavy reliance on Willie Nelson -- actually, not just on Willie, but on Phases and Stages, which is the source of no less than four of this record's six songs. Granted, these are great songs, and Waylon's versions are hard to fault, but they nevertheless give the record a slightly recycled feeling.

Fortunately, these songs are surrounded by excellent material, such as the number one single "This Time." Overall, This Time is fairly muted and deliberate, surprising for an album coming on the heels of the defiant Honky Tonk Heroes. Even the songs that swagger, like Billy Joe Shaver's "Slow Rollin' Low," are laid-back, and the whole thing is fairly reflective (appropriate, if it uses a divorce album as its template).

It's not that the monochromaticity makes it a lesser affair than its predecessor, yet the whole thing does feel a bit reserved and not quite as overpowering as a sequel to Honky Tonk Heroes should be. Still, it's a first-rate record -- perhaps not a classic, but a subdued, understated album unlike anything in his catalog. [The 1999 Buddha reissue contained five bonus tracks featuring Waylon supported by the Crickets, running through (mostly) highlights from Buddy Holly's catalog. Though incongruous with This Time, these are highly entertaining cuts, packing more immediacy than the album itself.]

This Time / Waylon JenningsWaylon Jennings2:26
Louisiana Women / J.J. CaleWaylon Jennings4:03
Pick Up the Tempo / Willie NelsonWaylon Jennings2:33
Slow Rollin' Low / Billy Joe ShaverWaylon Jennings2:45
Heaven or Hell / Willie NelsonWaylon Jennings1:39
It's Not Supposed to Be That Way / Willie NelsonWaylon Jennings3:29
Slow Movin' Outlaw / Dee MoellerWaylon Jennings3:41
Mona / Eddy, MirriamWaylon Jennings2:48
Walkin' / Willie NelsonWaylon Jennings2:28
If You Can Touch Her at All / L. Clayton / Lee ClaytonWaylon Jennings3:03
That'll Be the Day / Jerry Allison / Buddy Holly / Norman PettyWaylon Jennings2:25
It Doesn't Matter Anymore / Paul AnkaWaylon Jennings2:56
Lady in the Harbor / Jerry Allison / Sonny Curtis / Doug Gilmore / Waylon JenningsWaylon Jennings3:42
Medley: Well All Right/It's So Easy/Maybe Baby/Peggy Sue / Jerry Allison / Buddy Holly / Joe Mauldin / Norman PettyWaylon Jennings6:07
If You're Goin' Girl / Bobby BondWaylon Jennings3:45

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