Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight

Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight
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A&M, Los Angeles, CA; Elumba Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA; Hit Factory Studios, New York, NY; Ocean Way Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA; Plant Recording Studios, Sausalito, CA; Power Station Studios; Right Track Studios; Studio LaCoCo, Atlanta, GA; Tarpan Studios, San Rafael, CA; Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, CA; Wonderland Studios, Los Angeles, CA
I'm Your Baby Tonight
Adult Contemporary, Urban, Adult Contemporary R&B, Pop, Dance-Pop
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While Houston's voice always provides some interesting listening, this is somewhat of a disappointing release, with very few memorable songs. While she attempts to make a larger foray into dance music, she fails to make the crossover impact of artists such as Mariah Carey and Taylor Dayne. The two high points she does reach on this album come in the form of ballads -- the uplifting tale of another's love being enough to provide happiness in "All the Man That I Need" and the powerful verses surrounding a love lost through one's own devices in "Miracle."

I'm Your Baby Tonight / Babyface / L.A. ReidWhitney Houston5:00
My Name Is Not Susan / Eric Foster WhiteWhitney Houston4:40
All the Man That I Need / Martin Gore / Dean PitchfordWhitney Houston4:11
Lover for Life / Sam DeesWhitney Houston4:49
Anymore / Babyface / L.A. ReidWhitney Houston4:23
Miracle / Babyface / L.A. ReidWhitney Houston5:42
I Belong to You / Derek Bramble / Franne GoldeWhitney Houston5:31
Who Do You Love / Hubert Eaves III / Luther VandrossWhitney Houston3:56
We Didn't Know / Donald LawrenceWhitney Houston feat: Stevie Wonder5:31
After We Make Love / Gerry Goffin / Michael MasserWhitney Houston5:06
I'm Knockin' / Rhett Lawrence / Ricky Minor / Benjamin WinansWhitney Houston4:58

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