Woke Up Falling - Woke Up Falling

Woke Up Falling - Woke Up Falling
Recording Location:
Haywire Recording, Portland, OR; Supernatural Sound
Woke Up Falling
Recording Date:
March, 2004
Release Date:
June 15, 2004

The third release by Portland's Woke Up Falling is, much like its predecessors, catchy but insubstantial pop-emo that's not much different from that of dozens of similar bands. The band does have one big advantage in Gordie Muscutt's powerful voice, a far step above the usual anonymous mewling that too often passes for emo vocals, and his post-punk-inspired guitar playing, which sounds like it owes a debt to the Edge and Robert Smith, is pretty impressive as well. The problem is that the songs, while individually enjoyable (the dreamy instrumental "How to Standstill" and the impassioned "Circle a Date to End This War" are both better than that), tend to blend into one another so much that you occasionally have to pay close attention to know where one ends and the next begins. Woke Up Falling still has the potential to make a truly great album, but this one isn't it.

Fake Your Death / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling3:27
Fight Song / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling2:33
Whisper Defeat / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling3:42
In Silence / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling2:55
Circle a Date to End This War / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling4:35
Never Been Here / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling2:44
Until Our Funeral / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling3:13
It's All Memories / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling4:07
How to Standstill / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling3:14
Joke's on Us / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling3:45
Here's Your Pretty / Woke Up FallingWoke Up Falling4:12

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